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VisionFromFeeling.com Updates Year 2011

For everyone's convenience, and by suggestion of some, I will now keep a careful list of updates, where all changes big or small will be listed and dated.
Note that updates may happen any day in the VFF Forum as new content is posted there, but without being listed here!

November 2011

November 21 2011 - Added another video Procedure for Medical Dowsing Reading

November 8 2011 - Update Readings

October 2011

October 30 2011 - New Page Sensing Eyecolor, also linked to from Readings and on Study
New Page More Readings on Skeptics, linked to from Readings

October 29 2011 - Another video Procedure for Medical Dowsing Reading
Update Third Test

October 28 2011 - Updates Readings

October 27 2011- More videos Procedure for Medical Dowsing Reading
Added video Procedure for Medical Dowsing Reading

October 26 2011 - Update Readings
New page Procedure for Medical Dowsing Reading, linked to from Readings

October 25 2011 - New thread in the SCEPCOP Forum In defense of the JREF Paranormal Challenge, also linked to from Links
Dr. Matthew Smith on Links
Update Third Test

October 24 2011 - New Page Third Test, also linked to from tests.html

October 23 - Links lists posts made in the SCEPCOP Forum
New page How to Approach a Paranormal Claim, also linked to from tests.html

October 15 - New page Safe and Ethical Readings?, also linked to from readings.html

September 2011

September 26 - New Page Test Statistics, linked to from Discussion.html
Edit Future Tests

September 23 - Added the link to here on TAM test
Added the second paragraph on Study
Added a link at Links to here

September 21 - Update Discussion
Also added link to article about fraud psychic Sally Morgan Medical Dowsing
Added another link to Medical Dowsing

July 2011

July 26, 2011 - Seed Test updated with results

July 11, 2011 - (This Updates page got overwritten by accident and I installed the less than week old back-up copy. A few days of updates history is lost. Luckily I remember the updates and they are reproduced below.)
New page Seed Test
Several pages received the new frames
Changed the picture on About VFF
New page Study on Microscopic Perceptions

July 5, 2011 - Edit Main Page

July 2, 2011 - Edit Microscopic Perceptions and added the Lactobacillus there.
Also new page Insert 2 that describes my Lactobacillus encounters, linked to from microscopic.html under the Lactobacillus picture.

June 2011

June 30, 2011 - IIG Test, TAM Test and Reading Skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer now with new frames.
Readings, new frames and a small touch up.
Explanations, link to this page moved from study.html to discussion.html, the page also got the new frames.
Edit Study, edit content and new frames.
Edit Future Tests, now has the proper frames and an edit of contents.
New Page Insert, linked to from the microscopic.html page under the Hepatitis C virus picture under "evidence".
New Page Microscopic Perceptions, linked to from Future Tests

June 25, 2011 - Edit About, Synesthesia

May 2011

May 14, 2011 - Edit Statistics, linked to from results.html, Results

May 11 2011 - Finished writing Investigation

May 10 2011 - Added another link to the frames that directs to investigation.html.
New Page IIG Test, TAM Test, Investigation

May 8 2011 - New frames on Home Page, Updates, VFF Forum, Links, Contact
New page Links, formerly under Progress.html; About VFF, Medical Dowsing, Discussion
Edit content Home Page, Links, Contact

March 2011

March 7 2011 - Added a link to Statistics on First Page.

March 1 2011 - Edit Statistics
Update Ghosts, listed previous cases as "cancelled", and added the recent encounter Greensboro Ghost
New page Greensboro Ghost also linked to from Ghosts

February 2011

February 25 2011 - Update Evaluation

February 23 2011 - New page Investigations, also linked to from Tests
Update Readings

February 22 2011 - Update Statistics

February 21 2011 - Update Statistics

February 19 2011 - Added the overall test statistics at the top of Health Perceptions
Added more on Statistics
Added the test statistics for TAM demonstration

February 17 2011 - Update Evaluation.html
Update statistics.html
Update Psychiatry.html

February 13 2011 - Update IIG Test added the test statistics score.
New Page Statistics, also linked to from Health Perceptions.

February 8 2011 - Added PDF of copy of TAM demonstration notes prepared by Banachek who has the originals with the JREF. Also added link to Susan Gerbic-Forsyth's videos of the TAM demonstration. TAM demonstration

February 4 2011 - Update Contact.html
Added the text on About VisionFromFeeling

January 2011

January 28 2011 - Added more synesthetic examples of chemical elements synesthesia.html.

January 15 2011 - New page Updates Year 2010 to which the updates of the past year were moved. This page is now for the current year.
Edit Main Page.