I accurately saw and described the Hepatitis C virus during a reading on a skeptic. My description was very detailed and fully accurate against what is known about the virus. I had no prior knowledge of his diagnose. And had I known that he has Hepatitis C, what I could have known about the virus from outside sources and prior knowledge and assumptions of it, was very limited and mostly inaccurate, and I would not have listed the features that I did give during the reading. I was describing something that I actually saw and felt.
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The Perception of Hepatitis C virus

I saw a hologram of the capillaries (small blood vessels) and the red blood cells inside, and several small specks of something in the blood, that were not part of the body and did not belong there. Those specks were much - much - smaller than the red blood cells. In an image where the red blood cells were perhaps about 10 centimeters across, the specks were just a dot.

I knew that the specks were not part of the human body, ie. not made intentionally by the body to be part of the body, nor anything taken in to be used willingly by the body, because they feel out of place and they do not interact with anything in the body or serve any purpose. The vibration of the specks do not blend in with the various vibrations of body components.

I knew that it was not a bacteria, because a bacteria is comparable in size to the red blood cell, and a bacteria has the innate vibrations that describe its many organelles and interesting structures. I knew that it was a virus, based on how all other viruses that I've perceived before have felt.

I saw that the specks were not "doing anything". They were not touching against the blood vessel walls, they were not approaching any components of the blood. They seemed to be just suspended in the fluid of the blood.

I found many of these virus particles in the blood, and I saw that this virus was evenly distributed and found across the entire blood stream from head to toe. I also saw that this virus did not exist in any of the other body fluids, such as lymph, or saliva, because when I felt into the vibrations of other body fluids, those did not contain the vibration of the virus, nor did I see the virus in other body fluids.

I knew that this virus was not the flu virus nor the HIV virus, because both of those would affect the immune system and have that distinct feel that only they would have due to that, and this virus did not feel like a virus that would cause flu-like symptoms.

I saw and felt that the body, in response to having the virus in the body, creates heat and a yellow sticky liquid. The yellow sticky liquid is like sap of a tree, and its purpose is to try to capture the viruses and to encase them and to that way store them away. The feeling of heat felt like a tendency for the body to respond with fevers because of the virus.

I saw that the virus was small and that it was spherical in shape. Its surface was uneven, covered with a regular pattern of bumps and indentations, I may have described it as looking like the surface of a golf ball. The virus was a light- or medium blue in color.

(Would viruses have color? They probably would. But humans could not see a virus with their eyes. Perhaps, and I would have to look it up, when microscopic techniques are used, the technology could not convey the color of a small particle such as a virus. But I see Hepatitis C virus in blue. I also see that streptococcus bacteria come in very bright, intense neon-like colors, almost like some mushrooms are, bright oranges and reds. But then again, I think that hydrogen atoms are red.)

I did not know the name of this virus. And why should I? To know the given names of pathogens, is like knowing words in the Greek language. Those would have to be learned manually, one by one. The given names are not printed in nature. I did however describe this virus in every detail I could. I made a very specific description, as specific as what I saw.

I described what I saw, I did not guess

The perception, and its description, was absolutely not the case of a guess. I experienced seeing and feeling the image, and I described it in every detail that was depicted. Had I made a guess, I would not have used "virus", but something more general. Had I made a guess, I would also have made it much more vague. I would definitely not have made a guess of a virus limited to being only in the blood stream and not the other body fluids, nor would I have guessed these very specific features of it being round and with that particular irregular surface appearance, or its other features and behavior. It was not a guess. It was not a lucky guess, and anyone who thinks so should seriously revise their reasoning abilities and check their bias.

How the reading took place

I did the reading on a person who is one of the most popular and should be reliable and credible skeptic. I had only briefly seen the person a day or two before the reading. I did not know of his diagnose prior to the reading, and even he is certain that I should not have known.

For the reading, the person sat with his back toward me. I sat at a distance and wrote down my perceptions on paper. There was no speaking or other interaction or feedback during the reading. After the reading I set the pen aside and nothing could be added nor removed or altered in any way in my notes. The virus was described in those notes (I will see to arrange copies from the reliable other skeptic with whom I left those notes).

And, had I known about his diagnose prior - whether known consciously or only known somewhere in my subconscious - I could have definitely said "Hepatitis C"; I would have known the name of what I would have thought I was seeing. And had I only had prior knowledge of his diagnose but been unable to perceive medical images of a condition, I would at that time absolutely not have begun to describe the round shape, small size, it being in the blood only, its surface features, because at the time of the reading I had no knowledge that Hepatitis C virus had those features. I would have thought that the Hepatitis C virus has a corkscrew appearance of other familiar viruses that I think I've seen in books long time ago, and that it would only be present in the liver - that was all I would have known of the virus at that time, from things I've picked up from books or otherwise assumed at that time.

Disclaimer and a Reminder

Note that I do not practice medical psychic readings. I only do readings on skeptics, and no money is involved. I do not dispense medical advice or information, I simply report the personal images that I have with the awareness that my images may of course be merely synthetic. The purpose is to explore my internal synesthesia-like experience of medical images, to learn more about them and their accuracy and under what conditions they appear. It is a skeptical investigation of the medical dowsing experience, an experience that is spontaneous and a real sensory experience, ie. I see and feel the images and am not pretending to, not saying they are real or not real just that there is the experience of images.

I maintain a clear distinction between subjective internal experiences such as the medical dowsing, and what I experience with my otherwise normal senses of perception, and the two never cross over.

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