1. I once walked across the cereal aisle of a grocery store, not looking at any of the items because I was just passing through, and one of them glowed with a bright intense blue light so that as soon as I had walked past it and realized it I had to go back and find the source to see what on earth that was.

I felt into the boxes from a distance to find where that glow was coming from. I found that it was coming from a cereal box. I picked up the cereal box and read on it to find out what they could have put in there. It was a Kashi brand cereal with added Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a living bacteria added to some foods, or already present in some foods, which promotes a healthy digestive system. They sure shine bright.

2. I met a friend after not having seen him in a long while and normally that would have meant that as soon as we see each other we would start to talk to catch up on things. But as soon as I saw him I saw and felt a bright glow coming from his stomach and I forgot all the things I had wanted to say, and he might have said something but I didn't listen. I was distracted by the glow.

Then I asked, what on earth had he eaten that glowed like that, I said that there was something unusual in his stomach. I told him that I was seeing little white roundish bacteria resting on the bottom of his stomach, a large number of those, but that they were not causing any harm, but that they were not cells or other things originating from his body or made by his body. What on earth were those? I said that normally when I see bacteria they are most often harmful, but these were not harmful, rather they had a good feeling to them.

He said that he had been having stomach problems lately and that he was taking a Lactobacillus supplement. I then remembered what I had felt in that cereal box and identified it as the same feeling and image.

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