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A scientific laboratory report always ends with a conclusion or a discussion.
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Me and JREF's Jeff Wagg have a talk about whether or not I should continue with this investigation and whether to have another test. We also wonder what the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle sounds like. Jeff is unpacking after his move so that is all the noise you are hearing. From 03-25-2010.
Well the whole thing is available now, but I am looking for another format.
Not an official statement by the JREF, just a private conversation between me and Jeff.
Jeff Wagg is not necessarily in agreement with the views I express on this website.

Possible Explanations to the Claim - this page will have some content later

September 2011 - So, where are we now? I know that I started out having actual images depicting internal anatomy and health information, and that the accuracy was of a sort and to an extent that made this curious. I was unable to find a normal explanation to dismiss this, such as confirmation bias, external symptoms, prior knowledge, etc, so I embarked on a long journey of skeptical investigation.

The investigation revealed that *something* was going on. I now need to arrange more testing. The goal of course, I assure you, is not to verify some psychic ability. If my objective was to *be a psychic* then I would not even bother with testing, because no psychics test themselves, they just claim to be psychic and do their thing. I am rather curious about this experience of medical dowsing, and I intend to learn more about it.

All of my testing takes place in perfectly ethical, legal, and safe manner. So there is no reason to stop me. Rather, I do believe I am a skeptic, a skeptic with a paranormal claim. And I am open to its falsification, through the process of further testing, until tests fully indicate that I have no medical intuitive ability beyond ordinary, or until I've exhausted what I still feel is left to learn. It's exciting!