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VisionFromFeeling.com Updates Year 2010

For everyone's convenience, and by suggestion of some, I will now keep a careful list of updates, where all changes big or small will be listed and dated.
Note that updates may happen any day in the VFF Forum as new content is posted there, but without being listed here!

December 2010

December 7 2010 - Update Recap 2010-12
New page Recap 2010-12, also linked to from Health Perceptions

November 2010

November 22 2010 - Update What is Breatharianism?

November 19 2010 - New page What is Breatharianism?, also linked to from Breatharianism.
Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 3, found at the bottom under November 19.
New page Someone misinformed, also linked to from Skepticism and Main Page. Small edit on Main Page to add this link.

November 9 2010 - Update Hidden Kidney Study Results-2 - completed another study.
Update Hidden Kidney Study Results - added a picture.

November 8 2010 - New page Hidden Kidney Study Results-2, also linked to from Study, Hidden Kidney Study, Hidden Kidney Study Procedure and Hidden Kidney Study Results.
New page Hidden Kidney Study Results, also linked to from Study, Hidden Kidney Study and Hidden Kidney Study Procedure.
New comments added Reading Skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer

November 6 2010 - Update Hidden Kidney Study Procedure.
New page! Reading Skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer, also linked to from the Main Page and Readings on Skeptics.
Small edit of introductory text on Main Page.

November 3 2010 - New pages Hidden Kidney Study and Hidden Kidney Study Procedure, also linked from Study.

October 2010

October 29 2010 - New Page Test in Sweden (in Swedish), also linked to from Other tests.

October 19 2010 - New Page Jim Carr refuses to consider evidence that goes against his beliefs also linked to on Comments

October 18 2010 - Important Update about the creepy mechanical vibrating sound mysteriously appearing at nights! The Ghost Here At Home - Part 3

October 16 2010 - Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 3
New page The Ghost Here At Home - Part 3, also linked to from Ghosts, The Ghost Here At Home and The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2.
Edit: Moved fact check content from The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2 to The Ghost Here At Home - Part 3.
Edit: Moved info about light flashes from The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2 to The Ghost Here At Home - Part 1
Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2

October 15 2010 - Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2

October 14 2010 - Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2

October 13 2010 - Updates The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2

October 12 2010 - New page The Ghost Here At Home - Part 2, also linked to from Ghosts and The Ghost Here At Home.
Update Ghosts - Fact Check
Updates on The Ghost Here At Home.

October 11 2010 - New page for The Ghost Here At Home, also linked to from the Ghosts page.
Edit One more ghost investigation "on hold"

October 10 2010 - New page Ghosts - Fact Check, also linked to from the Ghosts page.
Edit Ghosts
New page Investigating Ghosts, also linked to from the Ghosts page.

October 8 2010 - Participating in the Swedish Skeptical discussion thread about ghost investigations, in Swedish, in automated English translation.
Also linked to from the Links page.

October 7 2010 - Update Migraine Healing

October 1 2010 - Update Migraine Healing

September 2010

September 30 2010 - Update Three very different persons all from or around the same place
Update Investigating Ghosts
Edit Two other ghost investigations "on hold".
New page Hauntings at the local old school building? - moved here to its own page from Two other ghost investigations "on hold".

September 28 2010 - Update Skepticism.

September 27 2010 - Update Second Ghost Investigation.
New black frames for Ghosts, First Three Ghost Investigations, Second Ghost Investigation.

September 26 2010 - Update First Three Ghost Investigations.

September 25 2010 - New page Second Ghost Investigation, about a ghost investigation in progress. The conversations with three ghosts written down verbatum has been submitted for an independent fact check. Also linked to from Ghosts.

September 24 2010 - Update Main Page.

September 20 2010 - Edit Health Perceptions.

September 15 2010 - Another comment on Paranormalia: Randi's Prize. Also linked to from the Links page.

September 14 2010 - The Home main category now has its own set of links in the left column. These are: VisionFromFeeling Forum, VisionFromFeelingBlog, About VisionFromFeeling, Comments, Updates, Links, and Contact.
New page: VisionFromFeeling Forum, a page that brings you to the VFF Forum and also shows you how to find forum information in the Forum Management, the Forum Rules, and a list of all the Smilies catalogued for the forum.
New page: About VisionFromFeeling, here I intend to put up some pictures of me and tell a little bit about who I am as a person and outside of this investigation. Just to show that I am a real person. This "VisionFromFeeling" persona often becomes somewhat of a fictional character to some. But I am just me.
The new frames are now also on pages forummanagement.html, forum.html, smilies.html, comments.html, comments8.html, comments5.html, comments4.html, comments-letter.html, interview.html, interview1.html, interview2.html, updates.html, links.html, and index.html.
Two pages have been moved from Comments to IIG Test (these are comment7.html and comments3.html).
Update on Main page.
All the main category links in the top bar have received a splash of pink and an underscore line when you are visiting that category. This should make it easier to keep track of where you are on the website. For instance, now becomes when you are visiting any of the pages found within that main category.

September 10 2010 - New Blog! Skeptics Aren't That Bad
Defended the skeptics on Paranormalia: Randi's Prize. Also linked to from Links. I intend to buy this book and write a careful review about it. This book, Randi's Prize, discusses the seeming rejection of the skeptical community toward properly permitting the possibility of the paranormal. After dealing with skeptics for three years as a paranormal claimant, I might have some things to say. Perhaps, I should write a book of my own.
Edit Gender Study
Edit Second Study
Edit First Study
Two new thing to remember to-do-list

September 6 2010 - Other tests lists my ideas of two coming tests.

August 2010

August 31 2010 - Psychic Readings, also linked to from Readings.

August 29 2010 - Updates on Tests with Paranormal Groups!

August 27 2010 - New page Tests with Paranormal Groups!, also linked to from Other tests.
Text about IIG test and TAM test moved from tests.html to IIG test and TAM test.
I'm seeing the Light Blog post, also linked to from Breatharianism.

August 26 2010 - Added two pictures of myself to Breatharianism.
New page IIG Regen Traynor Test, also linked to from Skepticism.
Another update at Response to Forum
Two new pictures placed on The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8 Demonstration
New page with my comments to posts in the JREF Forum Response to Forum.
Also linked to from Skepticism, may later be moved to another section of the website.

August 24 2010 - Links to the threads in which I am participating in the Swedish skeptical forum at www.vof.se are listed here.
Found Jeff Wagg filmed parts of the test and here and here - I posted them on TAM test page.

August 23 2010 - New page Psychiatric Perspective
Ghosts was written on.
I am writing on the page Breatharianism.
Placing the new frames. A new page by the way, What I learned from the TAM demonstration.
Two new pages: Readings on Skeptics and Evaluation of the Claim of Health Perceptions.

August 22 2010 - Interesting things are happening. The whole website is getting a big makeover. As it now says on the first page,
"New frames are being introduced to this website! So many topics were emerging, that I was unable to make links to all the many different categories in the left column, and pages were being linked to from other pages and getting lost without any good overview of all the content of the website. It was starting to turn into a maze.

So what I've done, is make six main categories that are linked on the top, and each will have its own subset of links in the left margin. That way no pages get lost, everything is neat and tidy, and navigation is much, much easier! This was bound to happen sooner or later for a growing website. I never imagined three years ago that this website would grow so large, it started out with something like five pages total. And as you can see, there are other new main categories to the top, which will be the highlight of my new investigations.

All the other old pages are still available, nothing old will be deleted. They will all re-emerge soon, each neatly sorted into its own main category and with its own link in the left of that category. It should not be confusing."

There are six new main categories:
Home - will list general information, as always will have the major updates on there, will link to the VFF Forum, VisionFromFeelingBlog, and other similar general content.
Health Perceptions - This is where all the pages about my investigation into the health perception goes. The claim of health perceptions, the long study about this, the IIG test, TAM demonstration, and other content related to this particular claim. I will also begin to look into similar claims made by others, so look forward to that!
Migraine Healing - I intend to look into this claim as well as investigate the topic in general as claimed by others with similar claim.
Ghosts - You did not see this one coming, did you? I am one of those who vividly experiences ghosts, well not all the time just if a place is haunted. I plan to look into this and hopefully reveal how and why it is not accurate.
Breatharianism - As a former foremost promoter of this woo, I intend to offer some rare valuable insight as well as investigate into its claims and promises all from a skeptical view.
Skepticism - Here I will list general information about skepticism, as well as my visits at TAM. I had no place really where my TAM videos and reports would fit, so it is only suitable that skepticism gets its own main category. We will also look into confirmation bias, agenticity, and other skeptical terms that may offer explanations to the paranormal.

Pages will all receive the new frames, be placed into its own main category one among the six, and be assigned a link to it in the left margin of its category.

New main category front pages: Health Perceptions, Migraine Healing, Ghosts, Breatharianism, Skepticism.

August 21 2010 - VisionFromFeelingBlog up now - it was only a matter of time. Also linked to from the Main Page.
I am writing in the Swedish Skeptical VoF Forum found here in original Swedish, and found here in automated English translation, and one of the contributions from our discussions is that someone raised the concern that the statistics reflected around my IIG test may be an inaccurate representation of test results. And hence I added to the IIG test page that the statistics around the IIG test need to be established by a skilled statistician. And, to remind myself to do so once I arrive at a university next time, I have now created a to-do list. Or otherwise I will forget and then skeptics will say I am forgetting it intentionally.

August 20 2010 - Update about the VoF Forum found at Third Test.

August 18 2010 - Update on the Main page listing the recent work and direction of this investigation.
Update to the Third Test page describing the cancellation of that test. (both blue box AND the comment section beneath it)
Update on the Tests page notifying of the cancellation of the planned third test.

August 15 2010 - Another comment on THE PASSION OF SAINT MEL (GIBSON THAT IS).
Also linked to from Links page.

August 12 2010 - I thought I would have nothing to say as I read through Michael Shermer's blog THE PASSION OF SAINT MEL (GIBSON THAT IS) as it deals with religion which is least of my worries, but finally the last paragraph, "To this combustionable cocktail of wrong-headed ideas and evil intent, add three more characteristics to bring Saint Mel into full light: a hot head temper with a hair trigger mouth and a propensity to drink.", led me to have something to say, Anita Ikonen says #comment-24929.
Also linked to from Links page.

August 7 2010 - TAM hallway videos added to the TAM page!

August 5 2010 - Added another letter to I'm Concerned about Jim Carr.

August 4 2010 - I'm Concerned about Jim Carr
Also linked to from the Comments page.

August 3 2010 - Main Page received an update.
New page Third Test.
Also updated the text about it on Tests.

July 2010

July 25 2010 - Added some commentary at the bottom of Tests (removed August 3).
Added the text box on Claim, that should hopefully spell out some things that haven't always been obvious to all those who follow my investigation.

July 23 2010 - New page about the gender identification study, required to arrange a gender identification test, the third test.
Also linked to from the Study page and on the Tests page.

July 22 2010 - Comment in Mark Edward's Skepticblog I wasn't there...but, also linked to from the Links page.

July 20 2010 - Check out the very important Skeptic's Challenge I added to the The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8 Demonstration page! See if you get the right answer!
Added about the upcoming third test, on Tests.

July 19 2010 - Tests page received the little disclaimers beneath each of the tests.
Finally finished writing about the TAM demonstration The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8 Demonstration.
Also linked to from the Tests page and the The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8 page.

July 18 2010 - TAM hallway video coming up soon! The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8.
Several more posts in Ashley Miller's blog TAM: For the Ladies?.

July 17 2010 - Posted a response in Ashley Miller's blog TAM: For the Ladies?, where a Jim Carr copycat posted something that is just silly and wrong. Linked to also from the Links page.

July 16 2010 - I posted a response in Ashley Miller's blog TAM: For the Ladies?. Also linked to from the Links page.
Added to the page about TAM8 The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8, three links to blogs by attendees, and a link to Eric Broze's TAM8 pictures.

July 15 2010 - Update on the Tests page.
New page: The Amaz!ng Meeting TAM8.

July 12 2010 - Added the TAM update on the first page.

July 7 2010 - As I should be packing for TAM, I still find the time to add this little update: a link to the "Live Challenge Event" JREF Forum thread added to the 2010 Demonstration page.

July 6 2010 - Updating all of the First Study page.
Moved the link and reference to UncaYimmy's site, from firststudy.html to comments.html.
Added the question about skepticals to Claim.

July 5 2010 - Updates on the Demonstration page.
Added TAM update on the Main Page.

July 1 2010 - Updates to the synesthesia.html page.
Some update to the Claim page.
Moved some old text regarding the plans of a second preliminary test which was to take place before the IIG test; from study.html to secondstudy.html.
Redid the First Page.
Moved the link to interview.html from first page to comments page.

June 2010

June 30 2010 - Wrote a response to a critical skeptical blog at Why I'll never return to JREF Forum or The Amaz!ng Meeting.
(Note! This is the title of the woman's blog! Not indicative of my personal views in any way!)
Also linked to from the Links page.

June 25 2010 - New Page: Letter to IIG's Jim and Steve, Unhappy and Quite Furious. Also linked to from the Comments page.

June 23 2010 - Lots of old text moved from study.html to firststudy.html.
Lots of little edits at study.html such as changing the title of the page, moving the order of links, and other small housekeeping.

Edited the page survey.html.

June 21 2010 - Added two links to the 2010 Demonstration page; one to the JREF Forum discussions about the topic, and one to the VFF Forum page about the topic.

Lots of updates to all the pages about the study.
study.html received edit to the text at the bottom which is under the heading What more do I need to learn about the claim?, and the two chart images there are also new. Edited some of the introductory text at the beginning of the page. Moved the link to the Migraine Study further below from having been at the very top.
firststudy.html received the new white frames finally.
studyreadings.html is a new page in which I will place the information about the readings done on the FACT Skeptics which took place before the IIG test.
studyinduced.html received the white frames and a link back to the study.html page.
survey.html new page which will contain the information about the survey which was done as part of the study.
secondstudy.html received the new white frames.

study2.html used to be a "storage" page when the study.html page had become too crowded, but now each topic under the study is receiving its very own page instead, so all the content from the study2.html page is being moved away to their own respective topic pages.
Content about a monthly meeting with the FACT Skeptics during which I did a few readings on its members was moved from study2.html to studyreadings.html.
Content listing the progress made with the FACT Skeptics moved from study2.html to studyreadings.html.
Content about the survey, including the survey notes, moved from study2.html to survey.html.
Content about the second study which was planned, was moved from study2.html to secondstudy.html.
Progress in the second study, moved from study2.html to secondstudy.html.
The work involved with preparations for the first study, moved from study2.html to firststudy.html.
Content from study2.html moved to study.html: about my involvement with the JREF and in the JREF Forum, Other Ideas, and my then plans of having another preliminary test during the time while the IIG test was still being prepared.
Progress when the IIG test was being prepared moved from study2.html to IIGtest.html.
The study2.html page was thus emptied and closed and has a directing link to study.html.

Content from study.html moved to other study pages:
What I learned about the survey, moved from study.html to survey.html.
What I learned from readings with three different FACT Skeptics, moved from study.html to studyreadings.html.
What I learned from the IIG preliminary, moved from study.html to IIGtest.html.
What I learned from the first study, moved from study.html to firststudy.html.

New page IIGtest.html (webpage URL is case sensitive) will describe the preparations made in order to have the IIG test, and what was learned after the IIG test. The main content about the test will still remain as before at paranormaltest.html.

New page Tests, listing all the tests now that a new one is coming. Also, this page is now the one linked to in the tabs under Tests, and no longer directly to the IIG test page.

June 19 2010 - New page Demonstration about the soon upcoming demonstration of my paranormal claim of Vision From Feeling.

June 3 2010 - Added the following on the First Page:

Help support CFI and skepticism! Please help promote skepticism and CFI's need for support
Center for Inquiry Fundraising Appeal

May 2010

May 30 2010 - Added about a reading involving a dislocated kidney, done today, at Medical Perceptions.

Reinstated this page that lists some of the Medical Perceptions that I experience, and under what conditions they occur. This link is provided on the Claim page along with a new paragraph that discusses it.

May 24 2010 - Changed my picture at the Main Page.

May 8 2010 - Added this link to a page where Skeptic Susan posts her pictures from our weekend in Hollywood. Seems she and I both were visiting there that weekend. Susan's pictures from April weekend in Hollywood. Link posted on the Links Page. Also added there a recommendation that you bring salt with you when you visit UncaYimmy's Stop-me website.

May 6 2010 - Moved all the Progress listings from Links (formerly Progress) to the page where I store all kinds of old text on the investigation study2.html.
Links page also received a refreshing update in design and layout.

May 3 2010 - Insult of a Skeptic #2 of the Day: I say both Plait and Hawking be wrong. I think my work here is done. Until tomorrow.
Link also on Links page.

I was stunned to see a supposed and perhaps somewhat prominent Skeptic promoting his uneducated view that chemistry and nutrition be pseudoscience, so here is what I wrote in response to Brian Dunning, also linked to from my Links page.

May 2 2010 - Added a link to Mark Edward's mean and very insulting sexist blog about me on the main page and on the links page.

Forum Management. Small, insignificant change in Forum settings. (Time until offline set from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.)

April 2010

April 29 2010 - Finally at around 1:30 AM I finished and opened the VFF Forum.

Forum Management
Forum Rules
The Vision From Feeling Forum (VFF Forum)
Also has the Smilies page

April 25 2010 - Announcement made on First Page that the new VFF Forum is coming soon!

April 23 2010 - New page that discusses Possible Explanations to the claim.

Added new section to Study page at the very bottom, titled What more do I need to learn about the claim? and two new links from the Study page to a brand new page that lists possible explanations to the claim.

April 22 2010 - Another quote at Comments

April 21 2010 - Added the quote at the top Comments

April 20 2010 - Added the recent links about my reading on Mark Edward on the front page.

Links page with the latest added at the top. My reading of Mark Edward over dinner in Hollywood Saturday April 17 is discussed in two blogs, a JREF Forum discussions thread, and can be seen in a series of eight videos, all linked to from the links page.

April 16 2010 - Test page added the quote at the top.

April 14 2010 - Added to Either really brave, or really stupid

April 12 2010 - Added Interview 2

Added What is Skepticism and what is it not?

April 11 2010 - Added The first interview page.

Added This page, linked to from first page.

Test page a small edit of the text again.

April 10 2010 - Links page, formerly Progress page, edited... moved the section on the progress on the study, to the Study page. Rewrote the top part of Links page.

Test page thorough text edit of the second half.

April 9 2010 - Comments page has a link to the new page below. (Gee. You guys asked me to list every change I make to my website, so here it is! Enjoy! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading through this list with your spare time.)

New Page, well actually I just moved this without any editing from the test page to make more room.

Links page has new frames.

Comments has the new frames. questions.html was replaced by comments.html. Removed a link to itself.

Study page has the new frames.

Improved on the leftside frame.

Test page received the new frames. Text edited.

April 8 2010 - How it works/Synesthesia page Also received the new frames and looks nice. Nothing else was changed in the page.

Claim The claim page also received the new frames. It seems I must work on the left frame because it doesn't blend in well. I also removed links to two pages at the bottom (one describing in more detail the medical perceptions, and the other one about perceptions in food; these pages will be edited and returned eventually). The red image was removed as well as the reference to it at the bottom. Text remains unedited.

www.visionfromfeeling.com The front page received a thorough make over with new frames, featuring the famous white peacock that has been my symbol since I've used it as my Avatar image in the JREF Forums, and with some feathers for frames. I actually took the feather pictures myself, the top one of my ostrich feathers and the left one of my hen feathers. The white peacock is from www.sxc.hu and used here with the specific permission of the photographer. I modified the image somewhat, added pink and changed the size and lighting. And finally I figured out how to make frames run all the way.

I know everybody doesn't like white, but I've been looking at the bright pink old frames for a long time thinking that the color is just too bright and too pink. Oh and by the way, I use a laptop computer with a widescreen, so those of you who use a home PC will see the website window differently than I do. Often at times the formatting and layout looks good for me but when I check my website from a PC everything looks crowded. But, I can only work from my home laptop so those of you with a PC... enjoy the squashed version of Vision From Feeling. I can't help you! If anyone would be so kind, take a Print Screen image of my website and e-mail it to me so that I can see what it looks like and make adjustments.

The links in the frames are a little different. Instead of Test, we now have Tests, as I prepare to have at least one more paranormal test of my claim. The Progress page was filling up with links taking you to various other websites where Vision From Feeling was mentioned, so it became simply Links at the bottom. Questions became Comments, as I will have more Comments to say than there are Questions sent to me, and Guestbook is very quiet so it will be added as a section in the upcoming new Comments page. Hopefully the links are now more legible too, in black.

I also changed the front page picture again, and edited the text on the front page.