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Safe and Ethical Readings?

So I need to do more readings. Because the claim of medical dowsing is far from fully investigated. Results so far from tests and readings with skeptics indicate that results are consistently far better than what random chance dictates. But I am having no luck with finding more skeptics who want to volunteer for readings. Maybe they don't like psychics. So I am considering finding volunteers in the psychic community. It has a lot of people who are already seeking out psychics for readings. But if my investigations into my medical dowsing experience take on this different path I will of course continue to document what happens.

Readings can be harmful!

Psychic readings are potentially very hazardous. That is why I have not done psychic readings other than on skeptics. Especially when it concerns medical information. What if I tell someone that they have a health condition but they do not have it? They would be distressed for no reason at all. What if I tell someone that they don't have a health condition but they do have it? Then their condition might be unchecked and untreated, or the person might live in denial of it if they take my word for that it isn't there. What if because of something I do or say or simply because I am giving a reading the person takes their faith away from conventional medicine and medications and therefore misses out on available, reasonable, effective and necessary medical treatment? What if I charge a person money and the person loses money on something ridiculous and fraudulent such as a psychic reading? What if subjecting a person to something such as a psychic reading is taking away a person's sense of reality and faith in the scientific evidence based worldview leading them to a path of more ridiculous and harmful nonsense? What if I suggest to a person to do something in particular as a medical treatment and that method is harmful or useless or detracts them from the use of conventional medical treatment? What if something I do or say or simply because I give a psychic reading the person is discouraged from medical treatment?

But also... What if the reading discusses personal and intimate information which the person would not want to discuss with another person? What if the information that comes up leads to embarrassment or violation of a person's privacy? What if I cause harm to a person by giving them a psychic medical reading? That is why I had only wanted to do readings on skeptics, because skeptics are immune to these kinds of harm. Skeptics are also more reliable when they report accuracy, whereas other people might convince themselves that it is accurate and report false or overly positive accuracies. I wish I had a big bag of skeptics to do readings on, but I seem to have run empty on them. Where are skeptics when you need them? I've even searched under a rock, but they are nowhere to be found. So I am moving on, the investigation has to continue.

Let's spend a moment on this website whatstheharm. I really don't want to hurt anybody, even if I were to profit on it myself or even if I were to get away with it. So are there perfectly safe and ethical and legal ways of doing readings on people for purposes of investigating medical dowsing?

I won't do any readings if it is harmful or unethical. But I'm looking into whether readings on non-skeptics could be an option in this investigation.