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Medical Dowsing

Medical dowsing is the pseudoscientific attempt at obtaining medical information about a person with the use of alleged heightened senses of perception. Pseudoscience is the collective term for things that have not been or cannot be established to be as stated but are presented as fact or with belief, often by borrowing concepts from science to try to steal credibility which does not apply in such a case.

Pseudoscience is littered with both knowing and unknowing frauds. Those that knowingly pretend to have a special ability, in order to gain admiration or money, and those who believe to have an ability but do not. Magical thinking can enrich lives, as it leads to beautiful things like poetry or the creativity in arts, when we experience something in our minds that does not really exist in the outside world. But pseudoscience has the potential for tremendous harm. It can rob people of their faith to science and medicine, shutting them away from vital things such as vaccines, healthcare, or proper nutrition. It can cost people lots of money to receive prayers on their behalf, removal of curses, or psychic readings, that do not even work and are not reliable. A psychic can give a person specific advice regarding actions to take with their health and lifestyle, and not only does that rob a person from their own freedom of thought it can lead them to devastating consequences and personal distress.

If any psychic claimant assumes to have a true ability, all they have to do is to prove it. And to obtain a license to practice from the appropriate agencies. Nobody can say that they have read all the college medical books and begin practicing medicine, they would also first have to pass the tests.

As someone who steps out to say that yes, I may have a medical dowsing ability, that makes me a potential threat of great harm. That is why much of the skeptical community for the first few years of my investigation did all they could to try to destroy my work and to stop me, even resorting to personal attack and injury to my personal life. It should by now seem clear that I am one of the few rare if not otherwise nonexistent responsible paranormal claimants. I have caused no harm by having and investigating my claim, nor will I in the future.

I am also a chemistry student, and I have held in my hands many times potentially lethal chemicals, yet nobody rushes in to stop me and to tell me to put that bottle down or to not carry out the chemical reaction since it could be explosive! I am trusted to have a certain level of expertise and responsibility which makes chemicals safer in my hands than if they were in the hands of someone untrained in chemistry or irresponsible. The same goes for me having in my hands a potentially dangerous paranormal claim under investigation. I treat it safely and responsibly and I understand that my medical dowsing claim is potentially hazardous. That is why I take all possible safety precautions. In the hands of a responsible and trained scientist, even a potentially harmful subject of study can be carried out safely and with the reward of advancing understanding. I also like to think that my example may contribute to making relevant areas of pseudoscience less harmful, and skepticism stronger.

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How I handle my claim

I do not practice psychic medical readings and I kindly refer everyone who contacts me for medical advice, to see their doctor. I only do readings on skeptics and in order to study the experience of medical images. I do not refer to myself as a psychic, nor do I intend or expect the outcome of this project to verify a truly extrasensory ability. But so far, the overall results of my investigation have indicated that I do have an ability at medical perception that exceeds random chance. I continue to investigate.