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What is VisionFromFeeling?

Medical Dowsing

When I look at people, I feel a detailed pattern of vibration located across the person. It is a landscape that is felt. Imagine closing your eyes and moving your hands across above a table with icecubes (cold) and candles (hot) placed randomly and you can feel a temperature distribution landscape. Imagine feeling it as a shape, a contour, with hills and valleys. The patterns that I feel automatically translate into a corresponding image in my mind. And those images depict the insides of a human body and can be on any level of magnification ranging from the vibrations I find in atoms, to molecules, cells, tissue and organs.

The experience is spontaneous but is more apparent if I pay attention to it. Most of the day I am not paying attention to it, with so much else there is around to capture my senses. It is not something I have ever intended to learn or try to do. I also have various forms of synesthesia, which I suspect is definitely involved in making me "see" something that I "feel".

I started noticing medical images at the age of 14. It started when I got some crystals and a book that taught how to learn to feel "crystal energies". I had practiced for about two days until I could feel and see a cool blue beam coming from the tip of a quartz crystal and into my hand. A few days later I noticed a blue-green aura around one of our houseplants, the prayer plant. Later, I noticed feeling and seeing a vibrating aura pattern around fresh oranges in the store, and then also other foods. After that came images in my mind depicting internal anatomy when ever I looked at a person. At first I was appalled, I was the kind of person who could not look at documentaries on tv about surgery. I had to get used to living with these intimate detailed images of tissues and organs in my mind. Today I've come to truly appreciate and admire the beauty of human tissue structure, and dedicate my career in part to the study of human tissue structure.

I never let myself assume that I was really seeing people's insides. But I started having interesting cases of accuracy that seemed to lack explanation. When I met with a new co-worker and the image of her internal female parts with cysts hit me like when someone turns on the tv suddenly and it had been set on the loudest volume, and I would see that same image every time I saw her, and about a month later she confided in us that she was scheduled to have cysts removed from her uterus, I knew there was something to it and that is when I begun to investigate.

The Investigation

At first I wanted to rule out the obvious possible explanations to the seeming accuracy of my medical images. Perhaps I was remembering the hits and forgetting the misses? Perhaps I had prior knowledge? Perhaps there were external clues? But when I begun paying attention to how this works, I was able to rule out those explanations. I knew that it would take more work to get to the bottom of this.

"So how is it being with a bunch of skepticals?" - a friend of mine asked me one day

In 2007 I involved the skeptical community in my investigation. I begun discussing test protocols and embarked on a study to learn more about the experience and how it works and under what conditions. I did readings on skeptics to learn more and to practice various test setups. In 2009 I had my first test, with the Independent Investigations Group IIG to search for which of persons was missing a kidney. And in 2010 I had a small-scale test of a similar format, with the James Randi Educational Foundation JREF at their annual skeptics convention TAM.

Overall, the investigation seems to imply that I have a skill above average. I am not aiming to prove myself "a psychic", I just find this a fascinating subject of study and a worthwhile spare time research project. I chose to make this investigation available as a public documentary on my website, as there is a lack of open access to the cultural niche regarding claimants of the paranormal and their work with the skeptical community and much of it has been shrouded in mystery. I am still interested in setting up further tests, and would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to collaborate.

VFF the person

VisionFromFeeling is both my medical dowsing experience, it is also this website and the investigation, but it has also been my name in the skeptical movement. VisionFromFeeling, or VFF in short.

I am 29 years and Swedish, studying toward a B.S. Chemistry and a B.S. Physics in the USA. My career goal is to become a researcher in the field of light-matter interaction for medical applications, to design new electronic medical instruments that generate radiation to either destroy target structures or to rearrange structures in the body. I am also working on a number of other electronics projects on the side. I am a total science geek and Physics gets me all excited.

I collect stuffed original style CareBears and white feathers. Most of the time I am a vegan (doesn't eat anything that came from animals) because animal cruelty makes me cry. I also get very unhappy if I can't recycle and I want to start community projects here in the USA that enable recycling. I also want to help the less advantaged communities in this country, and will likely spend many years of my future life overseas helping poor communities bringing them the gifts of science, technology, and community planning. I listen to techno and ambient music and I am addicted to The Sims 2 & 3.