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Study on Induced Information

When I look at people I experience seeing images of the inside of their bodies and feeling health information. I have had interesting cases of correlation between what I perceive and with their actual health information which is why I am investigating these perceptions to find out more about what they are and how accurate they really can be. Before I have a real test to see whether there is any extrasensory perception taking place, I am studying the phenomenon to learn how to conform it to a test. I have been working on a study that involves me forming perceptions of health problems in people and progress has been very slow. It is difficult to find a large amount of people that I have not met before and to arrange the entire study. I have had a first study already and am preparing an improved version second study. But I am now working on a different approach that has several benefits.

I have been mostly interested in investigating the perceptions with detection of health problems because that has been what I have been most interested in investigating. However it makes studying and testing the perceptions more difficult because we need a large amount of people who I have not met before, and with health information that can be verified and that is not ambiguous. I am now studying something far simpler that should bring progress much faster. I am studying the perceptions on induced health information.

Volunteers will experience induced sensations during the study. This can be making a fist with one or both hands which involves strong contraction of muscle, or placing a hand in ice, or eating something out of a range of various tastes, and if I claim to feel what they are feeling I will provide that as an answer and it can be easily checked and verified as correct or incorrect and statistics can suggest whether I might have a skill out of the ordinary, for instance by following these tables.

Some of the benefits of using induced information is that the same person can be the volunteer repeatedly and there is no longer the need for a large amount of volunteers that could only be used once. The IIG who have offered to test my claim would surely love it if I could bring them this test procedure because in our correspondence it was clear that there might be difficulty in finding a large amount of volunteers for the medical information detection test! With induced information the same few persons can be used throughout the study or test and in repeated studies or tests.

Another benefit is that the information that is sought for is easily verified as either occurring or not occurring. In a paranormal test it is important to videotape or otherwise document the side of the test that the claimant does not see during the test. The correct answers can then be shown after the test and to show that there was no cheating done by the testing side. With induced information it is easy to show externally that the induced sensation of the volunteer did or did not take place. It seems that a study or a test using induced information will be very easy to set up.

Progress should be much faster now with using induced information rather than medical information. There is no longer an issue with finding volunteers and no issue regarding ethical concerns from working with medical information of persons. I think I can feel induced information in the same way that I feel already occurring health information, to me there is no difference between the way I feel a nerve problem causing pain or induced mild pain. I think the results of a study and tests using induced information can conclude on the investigation and medical perceptions.

Progress so far

These pages detail the data and comments on the first simple studies with trying out different types of induced information in simple study procedures:
Study on Induced Information Page 1
Study on Induced Information Page 2
Different types of induced information is tried and in different procedures, and different test conditions are tried one at a time and their effects on the results are noted. Unfavorable test conditions are discarded and eventually I will see if I can compose a study procedure which is good enough to be called a test procedure, one that I am confident in and that meets the strict requirements of a real test. I then need to perform during such a study/test to a satisfactory extent. If I consistently reach that far I can arrange for a test and prove it. Alternatively the studies will reveal an unusual yet normal as opposed to paranormal experience and in the process I will have learned more about how and when it works.