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Why Psychic Readings?

Medical dowsing ability?

At age fourteen I got a quartz crystal and a book exercise said to hold the tip of the crystal over the palm of the left hand until one would feel a beam coming from it. After two days of practice I felt a cool blue (also visual) beam. One of my sisters actually felt the beam right away. I got several other types of colored crystals and held them in my hands always. I always carried one with me, some in my purse, some in my hand or under my pillow at night. I learned to distinguish a different type of feeling from each. After some time I felt that I could just feel the crystals from a distance and that is when I put them away.

One day in the grocery store I noticed a similar type of feeling across fresh oranges. Shortly after, one of our houseplants had a blue-green aura. Some time after I begun noticing vivid images in my mind depicting the insides of people's bodies.

In the beginning I was uncomfortable. I was the type of person who could not look at surgery on tv. Here I was having clear lifelike images of people's insides. One day I described the Helicobacter pylori bacteria to a relative who did in fact have stomach ulcers. To my knowledge I did not know the connection from beforehand at the time. I continued having images from people's insides and depicting their health but I kept those to myself. Years later working in the nursing home I met with a new coworker and there was a loud image of her having uterine cysts. Months later she confided in the staff that she was scheduled for removal of uterine cysts. That is when I begun to wonder whether my images might be real?

Ruling out the obvious first

I begun to look into this hoping to find a normal explanation. Perhaps it was prior knowledge? Things that I had known in the past but forgotten that I knew? This could not be the case, since I was having medical information of people I had not met or known about before. Perhaps external clues in body language or physical appearance? Although certainly possible in some cases, also not the answer since some of the medical information I was having had no known external symptoms and was entirely internal or microscopic. How about confirmation bias, remembering the hits and forgetting the misses? I begun to make a note of all medical perceptions and found that this was not the case. Lucky guesses? No because my perceptions were very specific rather than vague, and because the information I was getting was often very unusual.

Skeptical investigation!

I had not found a normal explanation so I involved the skeptical community in its investigation. I begun with a study, in which I set up various testing conditions to observe how the medical perceptions behave during those. That is how I found out for instance that I cannot have medical perceptions with my eyes closed, or if I am facing away from the person, or if there is any kind of material or screen covering the part of the body of the person that I am looking into, but that the person wearing clothing is just fine. I made note of the time it takes to perceive, learned for how long I can keep working on it before the experience shuts down due to fatigue, etc.

Until now, I had never sought out persons to do readings on. But now I was doing readings on skeptics. These readings went very well. During these readings I detected that a person is missing a left kidney, that a lady was missing her uterus. One man wrote something down on a piece of paper and asked me to tell him what health conditions he has. I tried and I tried, but all I could conclude was that he was healthy. So I told him, that my ability has failed, because I failed to find anything. He said that he is healthy. And one man asked me which of his kidneys is missing. After trying and trying, I had to tell him that I was sorry my ability was falsified because I clearly see both of his kidneys. That is when he laughed and said it was a trick, he does have both kidneys. And I saw that a lady was menstruating.

I had a test with a skeptical organization. The objective was to say which out of six persons is missing a kidney and whether they are missing their left or right kidney. This was repeated in three trials with a different set of six people in each. In the first trial I was unable to form a confident answer, my answer was wrong. In the second trial I was very sure of my answer, my person and side was correct. In the third trial I was confident on the person but too tired to choose a side, the person was right the side was wrong. I did not achieve 100% on the test, but 100% of my confident answers were correct.

I had a small-scale similar test with another skeptical organization, this time with only five people. One person was missing a kidney. In the total of ten kidney spaces, I saw a kidney in eight of those. My choice for the answer was wrong. I said that my claim is falsified. But my other space where I saw no kidney was the target, so I had to pick up the claim again and continue investigating.

I did a reading with another skeptic and saw and correctly described that he has the Hepatitis C virus. He also thinks that my description of his personal life and emotions is very accurate and such that only his closest friends could have known. I've asked him to come up with an explanation as to how I managed this, he still doesn't have an explanation and encourages me to investigate further.

A scientific test

I contacted a biologist and he set up a test for my dowsing. I was to say which of several batches of seeds were infected with an internal fungi and which ones were not. I really struggled and I had no consistent answers. My results were perfectly what random chance dictates. With a 50% chance of guessing the correct answer, statistics would predict that I have half of my answers correct. Which is exactly what happened. So we know that statistics works. If I cannot do something, then I should get results that are what statistics for random chance predict.

Yet my results from medical dowsing tests and readings are not at all what statistics would predict. Suggesting that something is going on.

Not over yet!

The skeptical community is often willing to test reasonable paranormal claims, such as my medical dowsing. But when a claimant fails to achieve 100% on a test the claim is considered to be over and falsified. It seems that skeptics only see all or nothing, it is either 100% or anything else is 0% to them. Now I have no idea of how to calculate the statistical significance of my test scores, or what the likelihood of guessing Hepatitis C is or that a woman is missing her uterus without given any prior hints of either, but it's clear that my results are interesting.

As a chemistry student I am trained in measuring various chemical behavior to what their actual values are. In the field of chemistry we never say all or nothing. We say for instance 5.236+/-0.007, or we could also say 25.4%. I am a chemist in training, and also a physicist. I want to know what my medical dowsing talent may be, if it exceeds random chance, and to what extent it exceeds random chance. I am not looking for more tests in hopes of getting 100%. I am looking for what my particular number might be, and I've already found that it has previously not been precisely what random chance dictates.

For instance, there is a 93.4% chance that I would get only one or no persons correct on the test I had, but to get two out of three correct is only a 6.6% chance if guessing. What are the chances that a woman has uterine cysts? Missing her uterus? Menstruating? That a kidney be missing? It all adds up to something interesting.

Psychic readings

I only do readings on skeptics, because they are less likely to be harmed in a medical reading situation, and also because any accounts of accuracy are more reliable coming from a skeptic. But I am having a hard time finding skeptics who are willing to let me do readings on them. They must think I am up to something. Yet I find that I still need to do more readings. That is why I am now considering soliciting the paranormal community for reading opportunities.